Thursday, May 24, 2007


Jarokha is a design of traditional window of palace in wood carving. It is a Rajasthani Art.


miradha said...

Very intricate and it looks magnificent.

Sudha said...

amazing work u did dis

Sujana M said...

Hi Mathu,

This work is amazing. How did u do this. Can u teach me :)

Mathu said...

The base is plywood.
Draw the outline on it and cut it in the required shape [there shd be no wood where the lady is painted. u must cut off tht place in the middle [like photo frame]].
Mix french chalk powder, corn flour and plaster of paris in the ratio 4:2:1 and fevicol and make a dough. U can use mseal if u can afford [i dont know whether u know abt this: once u mix the mseal it will dry up very soon... so mix in small quantities and use. if u r using the dough, it must be kept in an air tight container [try to use it within a week]]. Using the clay create the design and stick it to the wood using fevicol. Paint it using fabric colors and then give a coat of varnish.
The lady which i have done is on a different piece of cardboard. I painted the lady and made her ornaments using mseal and stones. I then stuck it the borad to the original base using mseal.
Thts it! The jarokha is ready!

sweety said...

mam its really very amazing and the procedure is also easy. Thanks for sharing

vidhya said...

Its really awesome.. How u did it..? Is it ceramic work..?

vidhya said...

Yeah.. I read the details u said.. Thanx for sharing..

neh said...

All of your craft work is amazing

Deepika Rani said...

is this jharokha available for sale? if so how much would it cost..

Just want to know can such things given to others as gifts?